Why We Let Rush Live

11/30/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There's a coffee place I go to, every morning. You might imagine that in LA, it could be very easy to surround myself with only like-minded leftists, but you'd be surprised how many people are across the political persuasion, even here in crazy Cali-for-nia. Still, someone on my side of the bench had made a comment, a while ago, 'How was it for eight years, with everything George Bush did, no one ever took the guy out?'

"We're kind," said another person. "We would never do that. We don't shoot guns." Then, "Lucky guy."

In 2004, a Texas couple wearing anti-Bush T-shirts was arrested at a Bush event. It happened on the Fourth of July. Ironically, they said "America the Beautiful" was playing over the loudspeakers as they were led out.

Yet people carrying guns are now being escorted into Presidential rallies. When did this become acceptable, allowable, okay? I know we're the nice guys. We don't carry guns. We don't even want people to be sick.

The ACLU is investigating a case in Pennsylvania, where a man was arrested after giving another driver and a cop the finger. He was later cited for 'Disorderly Conduct.'

Yet -- in cities and states across the land -- that man's fellow citizens are carrying loaded weapons into rallies where there is a President. And being seated. Hmm. How high does one really have to fly to hit 'Disorderly?' How many Hitler posters does that take??? I think it's way past time -- dangerously past, in fact -- for us to stop being such nice guys, start showing legitimate outrage when people do things that are outrageous.

Case in point. I happened to listen to Rush Limbaugh, last week (wiping spittle). It was on 9/11. It was completely random that I did. My late Grandmother, with whom I joined the ACLU, listened to him, years ago, when she was wheel-chair bound and blind. She'd listen the whole day. "It's very impo...tant that we monitah them!" she would declare. "How can you stand it?" I would reply. But in my way, I, too, listen to both sides. I try to listen to Fox news, because I already know what I think. But as an actual human, I do find that I have to change the channel after just a little while.

Still, oddly, I turned Rush on, last week. I literally happened to hear him say (a longer version) of the following words. "Pres. Obama spoke to the schoolchildren, and he told them to do public service. Now, you know what that means. Community service is one of the baby steps to fascism. And... President Obama is un-American." Un - American. "He hates America," Rush has freely said.

Strangely, Rush is someone I have in the past -- in my 'fair' leftist manner -- even defended. "It's a marketplace. And he's allowed to -- evil character or not -- spout over the marketplace as long as people tune him in. If insulting Michael J. Fox was not enough to get (unkind) people to tune him out, well, that's the way a market works."

In fact, there's been only one time that 'fair I' believed Rush Limbaugh crossed a line so egregious that he should have been immediately sanctioned and punished. (I know you're hanging onto your hats. What on earth could have so crossed a line that Ms. Kum-bah-yah was ready to file a lawsuit)?

That's the time, during the 2008 election, when Rush Limbaugh actually told his Republican listeners in Texas to sign up for the Democratic primary and vote for Hillary Clinton, so they could mess up the process. Yes. That's what they do, folks. That was treasonous behavior, by the way, at least to crazy pinko leftist me, a person who reveres the voting process.

Barack Obama is our President. He was fairly and legally elected. I spent much of my childhood with Presidents I didn't care for (Tricky Dick), but I'd salute both them and the flag. We watched on a tiny B&W TV in our public school auditorium, where we watched the NASA moon landings. I was taught to respect our country.

And yet people are freely walking around with guns. How is that alright?

Why is it OKAY to shout in the House of Representatives? Who raised such people? Uninsured sick wolves? I, like other fellow... liberals, you might say, was taught what it is to be polite. Why are we this way? Should we stop? If I thought, by the way, Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst had been anything but calculated and politically motivated... Well, that might have been different. But it wasn't. It wasn't right.

Rush Limbaugh, that same day, also called Obama's school speech request for our kids' to perform public service: "Socialism." Really. Really? Sounded to me like code for the Peace Corp, and when one crazy kid actually asked if maybe someday he, too, could be President, Barack Obama said, "Well, I want you to be careful what you post on Facebook." Woo -woo! You're one scary fella, Mr. President! (Now, Nixon said a bunch of funny stuff about dirty Jews).

I turned Rush off, as I always have to. Randi Rhodes and Ron Reagan (whom I heart) later played the same clip. We talk a lot about disrespect. We are too freakin' kind.

George W. Bush -- maybe at the very soiree where he had the couple arrested for wearing the anti-Bush T-Shirts ("Love America, Hate Bush", it read) -- George W. Bush made jokes about looking for the Weapons of Mass Destruction (you remember, don't you? You remember, he looked under the podium and laughed)? And we let him live.

I would never advocate harming Rush or his kind. We are too kind. But I think it's time to stop behaving like ourselves. I think Rush and anyone who brings a GUN TO A RALLY needs to be roughed up, and not just by Michael J. Fox, but by patriots everywhere, who will take him down.

I think someone's going to get hurt. Because we're too nice.