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This V-Day, Get the Love You Deserve!

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Since last month's release of How to Love Like a Hot Chick, we've been talking to women all over the country about their dating trials and relationship tribulations as we help them find the love that they want and deserve. One of the most inspiring things we've heard came from a woman in her 40's who told us, "I'm getting married this year!" We congratulated her and asked about the lucky man, but instead she said, "I haven't found my future husband yet, but I'm tired of waiting for him to find me, so I've decided that I'm going to use the techniques in your book and find him myself!"

This woman has it right. She knows what she wants but she isn't desperate to get it. Instead, she's positive and determined and willing to do the necessary work in order to get the love that she deserves - the love that all you ladies deserve. If you are single this Valentine's Day and unhappy about it, we want you to do something to change that. Don't get all negative and depressed and walk around feeling sorry for yourself or talking about how much you hate Valentine's Day. Instead, start putting positive, loving energy out into the universe, and see how much more quickly you will get it back.

If you want to find a relationship, take a cue from this woman and decide to make it happen yourself. Tonight, put on something cozy or sexy, pour yourself a glass of champagne, and nibble on chocolates while you complete the foolproof Build a Boyfriend Workshop in How to Love Like a Hot Chick. This unique process walks you step by step through figuring out exactly want you want in a man, in a relationship, and in your love life. It is a great way for you to figure out not only what you don't want in a man but exactly what type of relationship will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Once you've completed the program, you can put it away, never think about it again, and go back out into the world knowing that you've taken a huge step towards finding love. You'll notice that you'll attract different types of men than before and you'll even become attracted to different men, too. Even better, it will be easier for you to know right off the bat when a man isn't right for you, because he won't have the qualities on your list. You won't have to waste your time going on date after date with a man before you realize that he's simply not the one for you.

Making the decision to be pro-active in order to get something you want can be incredibly powerful, so treat yourself this Valentine's Day by giving yourself that gift. And once you've built your very own boyfriend, you can celebrate the fact that by next year, you'll have found the love you truly do deserve.

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