Mother's Day at Camp Casey

08/18/2005 01:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A very moving event just took place at the camp. The military mothers who've lost their sons and all the mothers of the camp gathered to explain to the media what was going to happen today, because it's Mother's Day at Camp Casey.

Deedee, Cindy's sister, described what happened the day that Cindy heard about Casey's death. She arrived at Cindy's house to non-stop wailing that lasted for 36 hours. They couldn't get Cindy to go to sleep because she was afraid to wake up and yet again have to confront the moment of realization that Casey had died. Deedee said that she hadn't lost a child, but to witness it was a horror that she herself could not imagine experiencing. And then Medea said that her sister died and her mother had had that same reaction, and Cindy said that when she was burying Casey at the funeral, every ounce of her wanted to jump into the hole and be buried with Casey. Medea said her mother had said that same thing.

The mothers said they were here with Cindy so that no other mother would have to experience the pain and grief that they carry. And when they finished speaking the camp was still except for the sobs that could be heard. The media was so moved that they didn't even ask a question, they didn't disrupt the moment.

Now the mothers are sitting under a tent, writing letters to Laura Bush, asking her to understand their grief and pain, and they're addressing her as a mother and asking her to encourage George to meet with Cindy. We put a call out yesterday for mothers around the country to send Laura letters and Cindy's website has already received thousands this morning. We can't keep enough paper in the fax machine for all that are pouring through. Later today the women will carry the letters up to the ranch. They'll march from Camp Casey up to the front gate of the Bush ranch and deliver them to Laura Bush.