Soldiers Are Not TOYS!

04/08/2007 12:44 pm 12:44:47 | Updated May 25, 2011

Last night was the kick-off dinner of Camp Casey III in Austin, Texas. It was inspiring to see the passion, energy and love from a group of people who really haven't stopped since they were brought to Crawford, Texas 20 months ago by the action of one woman, Cindy Sheehan. These members of the anti-war community will again gather outside Bush's Crawford Ranch for his holiday visit home this weekend. He has yet to answer Cindy's question, "What noble cause did my son die for?" Cindy will be joined by CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and many other members of Gold Star Families; a list that has grown by 1,436 to 3,267 since Cindy first knocked on Bush's door in August 2005. Almost doubling what was already an unbearable number. Are we willing to let this happen again? Every month we are losing an average of 80-100 soldiers. Every month we spend 17 billion dollars. Every month another 1,000 are added to the list of the wounded, which doesn't include the tens of thousands suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or the women soldiers who have returned with experiences of sexual abuse and nowhere to turn. And most American's don't even care that the number of Iraqi dead is now over One Million.

As CODEPINK walks with Cindy Sheehan down the road to Bush's ranch with our banner 'Our Soldier are Not TOYS!', we are encouraging everyone to spread our virtual Youtube banner called 'Toy Soldiers'. This video is a chilling reminder of how Bush is continually treating our soldiers like toys when real lives are at stake. This is not a game and we need to bring the troops home now. Do something this minute to really support the troops. They want to come home, help bring them home by the holidays in 2007.

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