MasterChef: The Final Six

09/08/2010 05:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Its official: MasterChef, this summer's smash hit, has been picked up by Fox for another season!

It's the second-to-last episode and we are down to the final six tonight. The playing field is rising as we get closer to America's first MasterChef!

The Final Six:

Sheetal Bhagat
Masterchef's beauty Sheetal brings a Giada de Laurentiis-like grace and poise to both our show and her dishes-but plunging necklines don't always make a splash in the culinary pool. Sure, both know how to show off their "ass-ets", but underneath Giada's good looks is a tough as nails chef who knows how to get it done in the kitchen -- does Sheetal share the strength of her celebrity chef counterpart?

Sharone Hakman
With chiseled features and unwavering confidence, Sharone exudes boundless culinary ambition and a consistency in style reminiscent of Todd English. Like Todd has shown through the years, Sharone has shown through the episodes to have a chameleon-like ability to incorporate culinary styles of their own into whatever they are faced with doing. Todd has had a long run, but will Sharone share this longevity?

Mike Kim
Like a young Wolfgang Puck, Mike's quirky style on screen often translates into quirky successes on the plate. Akin to his predecessor, he probably has the most experience of the bunch. But as Wolfgang Puck knows, you're only as good as your last restaurant, and Mike is learning he's only as good as his last plate.

Lee Knaz
Tall and handsome doesn't necessarily make good soup -- but this Scott Conant of Masterchef isn't afraid to tell it like it is. But can he put his money where his mouth is, or are we being fooled by this super med Casanova? Lee's international flair has been successful so far, but could he stand to take a page out of Whitney's book.

David Miller
David has Bobby Flay-like style, bravado and savvy restaurant techniques to bear -- which he used to power through last week's episode. Let's see if some squeeze-bottle plating and Americana flair can get David Miller to be King of the nacho fest.

Whitney Miller
Whitney Miller... our very own Sandra Lee! Like Sandra, Whitney possesses that all-American cutesy charm that continues to win us over every week. Her sweet southern smile and wholesomeness resonates on both the screen and the plate -- but are we ready for a cookie cutter all-American Masterchef? Maybe Holly Hobbie won't have what it takes to cut it in the final round.