07/20/2012 03:30 pm ET

Reverse Slide Board or ValSlide Lunge

Stand tall in front of a slide board or ValSlides. Place one foot on top of either the slideboard bootie or a ValSlide. Make sure that foot is able to slide along whatever surface you will perform the movement on.


Before beginning, make sure that your chest is up and eyes are looking straight ahead. Initiate the movement by sliding your rear foot away from the front foot. As your back foot continues to slide back, simultaneously bend your front leg and drop your back knee towards the ground. Stop the movement right before your back knee makes contact with the ground.


Make sure your core and hips are engaged the entire time.

Reverse the motion by driving through the front leg while maintaining an upright posture. Continue to drive through your front leg until it is fully extended. As you extend your front leg, the rear leg should come forward.

Make sure you return to the starting position before attempting another repetition.

Pause and repeat.

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