07/20/2012 02:59 pm ET | Updated Jul 20, 2012

Split Squat -- Body Weight Alternative

Stand in a split stance position, with one foot in front of your body and one foot behind. To find out how far apart your feet should be, perform a few lunges and find a comfortable distance.

Before beginning, assure your toes, hips, and shoulders are all pointed straight ahead. Your back foot should be pointed and on the toes.

Initiate the movement by dropping your back knee toward the ground and bending the front leg. Keep your chest tall and torso upright.

Descend into the split squat as far as you can without letting your back knee bang against the ground or your chest come forward. Then, reverse the motion by driving through your front foot while extending the front leg.

Continue to drive until you are in the starting position.

Pause and repeat.

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