How You Can Give to Japan

03/12/2011 03:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When the earthquake struck Japan Thursday night at 10:46 p.m. PST, I was heading to bed early trying to get over the flu. Like many of us still awake on the West Coast, I flipped on the TV and saw images I had only seen in movies. We were watching live as waves of debris washed over homes and fleeing cars. And then the text messages and Facebook posts started, with people asking one question: what can I do to help? Which organizations were working on the ground in Japan, and how could they make sure their money got to those most in need? While catastrophic natural disasters are deeply tragic, they also can show us what is best about humanity.

Much as the staff of international aid organizations were called into action in the middle of the night, our team at came together to work with the leading disaster relief organizations to ensure our millions of users could give their time and money with confidence to organizations that committed to using those resources to make a difference in Japan.

As soon as our first fundraising project with the Red Cross went live, people waking up in the Middle East, with their own problems to worry about, began sending their prayers and their donations. As the sun rose across the world, people awoke, came online, and gave.

We've put together a list of 10 international relief organizations that have committed to providing relief to Japan and other areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Please consider giving generously -- your time or money. Even if you cannot afford to make a donation today, you can make a difference by spreading awareness to your friends, thanking others that contributed, and showing solidarity with those impacted by the quake.

Causes brings over 140 million people together to form the world's largest giving community. The belief that everyone has something to give is at the core of what we do; people just need a little inspiration, and to know that whoever they are, there is something meaningful they can do. We are honored that so many look to us to understand how they can most effectively give -- in times of great catastrophe, to commemorate milestones in their life, and as an every day gesture. Your contribution makes a world of difference.