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He Should Offer Her Nothing

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By refusing to concede and instead dangling "18 million voters" before Obama's eyes, Hillary Clinton is threatening to withhold her "army" of backers from Obama until she gets what she wants, whatever that is.

Obama has reached out to her. But he would be wise to offer her nothing and let her hang out to dry. Meanwhile he should work around the edges to pry her supporters away without conceding her anything.

Already Maxine Waters has broken from Clinton. Obama now has to work on winning over Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Jon Corzine of New Jersey, Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York and other key Clinton supporters. Once he secures their public backing Obama needs to get them to bring their people along.

After Clinton supporters really start paying attention to what McCain is saying, they will gravitate to Obama.

In any case, he can wait. This is way too early to pick a VP. If she doesn't want to concede and endorse him, ignore her and let her be marginalized. Then whom will her "18 million" voters follow?

Tonight it looks like she has an army. But how long will it stay together when she has no more primary campaigns to run, no more rousing speeches to make?

Time is on Obama's side. The last thing he should do is give in to the Clintons' blackmail.

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