12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Wins, but Republicans Self-Destructed

Hubris on Wall Street and in Baghdad felled the imperious Republican Party. They had a vise-like grip on power and thankfully blew it. Obama happened to be a damned good candidate too.

He's pulling the country from the brink. This is a victory over massively misguided and failed policy. The Republicans, with their contempt for average people, thought they had the self-interest of the masses finally under control. But they were wrong. They fooled too many people for far too long. But in the end they went too far themselves.

With their growing sense of limitless power the Republicans invaded and occupied two nations with poor Americans pointing their guns, deluding themselves into thinking they could "spread democracy." They hadn't a clue what they were doing, succumbing to mad schemes of neo-conservatives believing victory in the Cold War was an opportunity to expand American power. Fortunately they didn't know anything about empire building. If they had Obama might not have had a chance.

Republicans became silly drunk with power. Remarks like "terrorist fist-jabs" and "paling around with terrorists" showed contempt for a populace devastated by excesses on Wall Street and the Pentagon.

That left McCain to campaign on a message of change. Imagine. How could he win against the opposition party that truly represented change? McCain must wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat screaming George W. Bush's name, with an epithet worthy of a Navy pilot. First he endured Bush's filthy 2000 primary campaign. Then he miscalculated that to win in 2008 he had to embrace Bush. The Hug must have sickened McCain. He had betrayed himself.

It's a great victory tonight. It's time to celebrate. But Bush and Cheney are still in charge. It used to take months by horse to get to Washington after victory. Inauguration was therefore set in March. January isn't soon enough in the jet age.

There's still time for Bush to create mischief. His father, after the people repudiated him in favor of Clinton, used the too-long transition period to invade Somalia and order air strikes on Iraq. Let's hope Bush is chastened enough to call it a day.

He's lucky he won't be put on trial for war crimes, though to put a cap on this wonderful night, he should be.

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