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Joe Lupo


To Spring Forward!

Posted: 04/23/2013 12:48 pm

It's official, spring is here! It is time to start thinking about putting away the heavy winter duds and breaking into something new, fresh and boldly colorful. Whether or not you are the kind of guy who likes wearing color, get ready because it's the number one trend of the season.

I always say that it's not about reinventing the wheel every season for men, but it is important to make a conscious effort to at least get inspired and allow yourself a few seasonal updates to keep from getting stuck in a sartorial rut.

Many of my male clients tell me that they find it hard to get inspired and even harder to try something new and take risks with their style. Do a little research by going online to see what's happening fashion-wise. It is good to look at some websites that show trends for men; if they are just too out there for you, water them down. By doing this, you can update your style without being a victim to fashion.

Here are some of my favorite trends that translate this spring.


I am certain this will be the film of the summer so expect a lot of Gatsby-inspired style. Step it up a notch with tropical weight jackets, seersucker (solid or striped) and don't forget to complete the look with a pocket square, wingtips and possibly even a panama hat. Again, you can take elements of this concept and add them to your look or go all out!


Colorful suits are hot this season. Maybe you aren't going to go with the fuchsia or raspberry options, but there are other alternatives to navy or traditional gray, such as soft blue, stone or even khaki. You can also break up the suit and wear the pants with a clean white shirt or the jacket with jeans if you go for a colorful option. The good news is that if you're not into wearing color, you can try to pop it in the details, or go for black and white and of course gray, which are also trending.


Loafers are big this season and can be worn with a suit and no tie (pocket square preferred) or with jeans or chinos and a jacket.

Remember, just because something is on trend doesn't mean it is right for you. Trends occur to set a tone and inspire, or in some cases make us laugh. Start by asking yourself the following questions: Is it age appropriate? Am I making an effort? Do I feel comfortable or does this feel like a costume? Do I look as if I am trying too hard? Does this represent my personality or at least what I want to 'put out there'?

Take a peek at some of my favorite looks and get inspired. Also check out my men's column on our Visual Therapy Blogazine for more inspiration!

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