05/31/2012 04:56 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Elementary School Students Ask Crayola to Recycle Markers

Sun Valley Elementary school students in San Rafael, CA are urging Crayola to create a take back program for their Crayola markers. Students started a petition on urging the company to create the program since their markers can not be recycled by most municipalities.

As part of their campaign students created this video:

The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

At Sun Valley Elementary School, located on Happy Lane in San Rafael, an environmental educator named Mr. Land has inspired students to take on corporate giant Crayola to urge the company to recycle some of the 500 million markers it produces each year.

An online petition effort, begun in mid-April, generated more than 60,000 signatures within the first month, making it the most popular environmental petition on this month and the eighth top environmental cause of all time.

"I think it really matters," said fifth-grader Olivia McCabe, 11. "We live on Earth and if we hurt it, there's no other place we can go to."

Laid end to end, half a billion markers would wrap around the Earth's equator nearly twice. That's a lot of landfill, students said.

You can join the students' campaign as well by signing their petition