10/19/2011 04:04 pm ET | Updated Dec 17, 2011

I Went To Occupy Wall Street: This Is What I Saw

So, with all the blah-de-blah and hoo-de-doo I've been posting about Occupy Wall St. (and the subsequent Occupy [insert city here] movement, which has reached over 1000 cities so far), I heard a ton of feedback. Most of it fell into the "I agree, people taking action always beats people sitting on their asses and complaining" category, agreeing with the only actual point I'm trying to make.

But some of it has come back to me as "Nuh uh!" And a whole lot of misinformation, slander, ridiculous statistics and general nonsense. So, I decided to get my camera, fly my ass up from Atlanta to New York City, and see it for myself.

Below is a slideshow of 87 of the over 800 photos I took. I selected these because I felt they really told the story of what's going on there (and also, because of 800 or so photos, roughly 600 of them are blurry because I'm a shitty photographer).  After the slideshow, I'll share a few of my favorites / the most poignant.

(Can't see the slideshow above? click here for the full photo set)

Some of the highlights are below -- but please do view the full set.

Walking toward the NYSE, you could see cops at the far end of the road. The chanting was very dull from this distance, but grew louder as we approached.  

Cops were EVERYWHERE. Anything near the NYSE was blocked off and guarded. 

This was the north end of Zuccutti Park at the corner of Liberty and Trinity, where the occupation is taking place...

...And this was the south view. The park was PACKED. 

A view of one of the many American flags hanging up around the park. The vibe at the occupation was not anti-American at all -- it was very much in support of the actual American dream. 

Occupiers were VERY protective of the flowers, plants and trees at the park. They understood that keeping the park clean and neat was essential to removing reasons why they'd have to leave.

Several people had live streaming broadcasts of the occupation via cellular connection. If you look closely, you can see me behind this guy with my camera.