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Joe Satran
Joe is a staff writer for The Huffington Post. He currently writes about Hollywood, and has previous covered medicine and the food industry. He was an English major at Yale and has worked at DETAILS magazine, for the Huffington Post Blog Team and at the Yale Sustainable Food Project. In college, he started Yale's biggest campus blog, The Bullblog. He lives in Los Angeles.

Entries by Joe Satran

Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor Guest On New Who Is Fancy Song

(0) Comments | Posted November 24, 2015 | 2:13 PM

Who Is Fancy is back with some very high-class friends. Yesterday, the 24-year-old singer, whose real name is Jake Hagood, released "Boys Like You," his first single since February's hit, "Goodbye." And it features two of the hottest young singers around: Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande.


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Chloë Grace Moretz Isn't A Fan Of 'Squads' Like Taylor Swift's

(0) Comments | Posted November 24, 2015 | 12:48 PM

Don't expect to see Chloë Grace Moretz onstage at one of Taylor Swift's concerts anytime soon.

The 18-year-old actress spoke with Nylon magazine for their December/January cover story and was glad to discuss a broad range of topics, from her upcoming sci-fi movie "The 5th Wave"...

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George R.R. Martin Thinks Like Jon Snow When It Comes To Refugees

(0) Comments | Posted November 23, 2015 | 3:43 PM

George R.R. Martin took to his LiveJournal page twice in the past week to weigh in on the debate raging around Syrian refugees -- and his opinion on the affair won't surprise any fans of "Game of Thrones" or his A Song of Ice and...

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Will Smith Says 'Racism Is Actually Rare,' But Prejudice Is Everywhere

(0) Comments | Posted November 23, 2015 | 1:59 PM

Will Smith thinks there's a problem with the discussion around race in Hollywood today: a confusion, or at...

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Bryan Cranston's 'Man Band' Proves That Youth Is Overrated

(0) Comments | Posted November 20, 2015 | 3:54 PM

Step aside, Harry Styles. There's a new pop icon in town. And he has a history of dealing ruthlessly with rivals.

Bryan Cranston popped into "The Late Late Show With James Corden" on Thursday for a hilarious musical performance. He, Corden and Reggie Watts teamed up to form a new band, M3n Not Boyz, that adapts the stylings of boy bands for their slightly more advanced ages. 

Their first -- and hopefully not last! -- single is "I Can't Be Your Boy (Cuz I'm a Grown Man)," and the group makes a pretty compelling case for the advantages of dating mature men. They may not believe in ATMs or emojis, but they have good credit and know how to rotate your tires!

The chorus -- "I'll make love to you in my minivan / But I can't be your boy, 'cos I'm a grown-ass man" -- is quite possibly the catchiest of any satirical song this side of "You Don't Need No Makeup." This might be a good time to remind you that Cranston has already won four Emmys and a Tony, putting him halfway to an EGOT. The "O" is pretty much inevitable at some point, but M3n Not Boyz could just be his ticket to the elusive "G."

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Rose McGowan Shaves Off All Her Hair, Looks Stunning Bald

(0) Comments | Posted November 20, 2015 | 1:29 PM

You remember that scene in "Les Misérables" where Fantine has all her hair cut off? Rose McGowan pretty much just did that IRL. Only she was happy about it, not crying enough to win Anne Hathaway an Oscar.

The actress and director has been sporting...

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'Mockingjay' Director Says He Sees Katniss As An 'Anti-Superhero'

(0) Comments | Posted November 19, 2015 | 10:58 PM

Katniss Everdeen is a badass. At one point in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1," the sequel to which was released Friday, she shoots down a fighter jet using a bow and arrow. (Relax, it's in the trailer.) But is she a superhero? 

Francis Lawrence,...

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James Franco Tries To Change History In The '11/22/63' Trailer

(0) Comments | Posted November 19, 2015 | 2:51 PM

Alternate histories have always been fertile ground for television. What-if plots were a staple of "The Twilight Zone" and are pretty much the whole point of "Doctor Who." But in those two long-running series, each speculative scenario would be established, and concluded, in an episode or two. They were quick little thought experiments. In and out. 

Not so with the upcoming Hulu miniseries "11/22/63," produced by J.J. Abrams and starring James Franco. Like Amazon's critically acclaimed "The Man in the High Castle," which is set in a world where the Axis won World War II, the entire series is built around one big idea. Franco plays Jake Epping, a high school history teacher in present day who travels back to 1960 to prevent JFK's assassination.

Hulu released the first teaser trailer for the series, which is based on a 2011 novel of the same name by Stephen King, today. It's above. Though brief, it quickly explains Epping's task and gives a few glimpses of Franco in "Mad Men"-era garb.

The staggeringly prolific Franco has been a fairly regular presence on TV in recent years, with guest spots on shows from "30 Rock" to "General Hospital," but "11/22/63" will be his first starring TV role since "Freaks and Geeks." 

Also on...

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Adele's '25' Won't Stream On Services Like Spotify

(1) Comments | Posted November 19, 2015 | 12:51 PM

Adele's hugely anticipated new album "25" comes out on Friday -- but if you've been counting on using a...

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Redman Says A 'How High' Sequel Is Coming In 2017

(0) Comments | Posted November 18, 2015 | 3:41 PM

Get ready, stoners. Your prayers for a sequel to 2001 cult classic "How High," starring Redman and Method Man, have been answered. Redman told XXL that the movie is officially in the works -- and that it could hit theaters as soon as 2017. 

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Baby Naming Strategy

(2) Comments | Posted November 18, 2015 | 2:12 PM

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came up with one of the most iconic (and controversial) names of all time for their first child, North West. Now that Kardashian is pregnant again -- and due to deliver a baby boy...

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Adele's New Album '25' Leaks Online Days Before Release

(1) Comments | Posted November 18, 2015 | 12:07 PM

Say hello to the dark side of the Internet, Adele: Premature album leaks!

The Grammy-winning songstress's new album...

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One Of These 22 Men Will Probably Win Best Actor At The 2016 Oscars

(0) Comments | Posted November 18, 2015 | 8:17 AM

Welcome to For Your Consideration, The Huffington Post's breakdown of all things Oscars. Between now and February 28, 2016, entertainment editors Matthew Jacobs and Joe Satran will pore over awards season and discuss which films will make the most noise at the 88th annual Academy Awards.

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Porsche Blames Paul Walker For His Fatal Car Crash

(5) Comments | Posted November 17, 2015 | 2:01 PM

Porsche says that Paul Walker is to blame for the November 2013 car crash that killed...

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Why Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Will Never Make A TV Show Together

(0) Comments | Posted November 17, 2015 | 12:53 PM

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are co-stars in the upcoming movie "Sisters," terrific awards show hosts and even better friends. But despite their close relationship and tremendous independent successes on television, they've never collaborated on a TV series. Poehler had a brief guest-spot on...

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Chris Pine Dons World War I-Era Costume For 'Wonder Woman'

(0) Comments | Posted November 16, 2015 | 3:22 PM

Actor Chris Pine is best known for playing the archetypal pilot of the future, Captain James T. Kirk, in J.J. Abrams' recent "Star Trek" movies. We just caught our first glimpse of his role in the upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie, though, and it looks like he'll...

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Nope, Christian Bale Is Not Playing Batman In 'Batman v Superman'

(0) Comments | Posted November 13, 2015 | 12:43 PM

Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne may have survived the big showdown in "The Dark Knight Rises," but he has no plans to pick up the cape once again. Certainly not in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." 

"But wait," you might be thinking, "Didn't we...

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J.J. Abrams Talks About That Big Luke Skywalker Mystery

(0) Comments | Posted November 12, 2015 | 4:29 PM

 Note: A few possible spoilers from "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" are ahead. If you want to go into the movie with no preconceptions, maybe don't read this!

As the Dec. 18 release date of "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" has gotten closer,...

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The Real Jon Snow Just Sat On The Iron Throne

(0) Comments | Posted November 12, 2015 | 2:23 PM

Jon Snow is finally sitting on the Iron Throne.

No, not the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Sadly. It's not even someone who lives in Westeros. Instead, the latest tenant of the world's most uncomfortable chair is British TV news anchor...

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Bill Cosby To Be Deposed In Janice Dickinson Defamation Case

(0) Comments | Posted November 11, 2015 | 2:03 PM

Bill Cosby might finally face the music regarding those terrible sexual assault allegations. 

The 78-year-old comedian is scheduled to be deposed on Nov. 23 for the defamation lawsuit filed against him by supermodel Janice Dickinson in May, Entertainment Tonight reports. 


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