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Michael Jordan Bringing His Motorcycle Racing Team to New Jersey Labor Day Weekend

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This Jersey Guy is not ashamed to say that since New Jersey is not New York, we get a little excited whenever a celebrity sets foot in our state. With that gawker mentality we report that former pro basketball legend Michael Jordan is expected to be in Millville, N.J., this weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park as owner of Jordan Suzuki (yes, you read that right, Jordan Suzuki), a team entered in an American Motorcycle Association race (yes, you read that right too).

According to a report in the Daily Journal, Jordan is an active manager of the two-rider team -- so he likely will be very visible at the event. However -- sorry fans -- he is not planning to sign autographs.

Why is Air Jordan now hitting the pavement? "He looks at it the same way he did basketball," one of his riders told the Daily Journal. "He wants to win."