Could OWS Camp at Valley Forge for the Winter?

11/22/2011 01:50 pm ET | Updated Jan 22, 2012

It seems that after George Washington got his tents evicted from Philadelphia in 1777 he went to Valley Forge with an undisciplined group of activists and came out 6 months later as a kick-ass force that could handle the corporate foes (remember the British were the 1770's version of Wall Street).

When his 'army' marched into Valley Forge on December 19th, 1777, guys like Pulaski, Green, and von Steuben began schooling those who pitched their tents in the arts needed for the battles ahead.

The revolution of Occupy Wall Street is hitting a wall. Like their 18th century counterparts they have to pause and get their act together. It will be a long winter.

If OWS wants to steal the Revolutionary theme from the Tea Party -- why not march to Valley Forge? (When I hear 'Tea Party' it evokes a bunch of cowards who, under the cover of night, destroyed someone else's property dressed up as somebody else. Was gussying-up like Native Americans the 18th century's way of saying "Yeah, the black guy did it"?)

If Occupy wants to morph into something, they have to get themselves trained -- and quickly. It can't be just sitting around and singing or whining. There needs to be a serious study of how the government works from:

  • how do we vote,
  • to how is a governmental meeting run (Roberts Rules),
  • to becoming presentable to an electorate that has turned away from what America is (this is the biggest challenge).

December 19th, 2011 may be as good a day as any for a recommit and a definition to what the Occupy Movement wants to become. The Friends of Valley Forge usually has a march into the park commemorating Washington's arrival. Wouldn't be interesting to have company for the re-enactors in the form of OWS?

If OWS shows up -- I am asking all the pontificating eggheads in the pundit class to put what they speak into action. Come out here and train this army!

If the Occupy movement waits until the summer for their 'convention' in Philly, the game will already be over. Ballot positions will already be decided. All their influence will be blunted. Ballot positions start to be decided by late January when (at least in PA) candidates are circulating petitions to get on the ballot.

I don't know, but if Occupy can pull something like this off I can see 30 years from now the park dotted with 18th century wood huts sharing space with replica frames of 21st century tents celebrating what Occupy did there.