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Blogs Are Making a Difference in Zimbabwe

If you think spreading the word about Roy Bennett doesn't matter, then read this letter I received from Zimbabwe today. What you do matters, even if all you can do is urge people to spread the word, come here for updates or follow me on twitter (@joetrippi) and tell others to do the same -- thousands of us need to spread this story and here is why:

Photos taken just after Roy's return to Zimbabwe in late January

Thank you world.

There are many of us in the activist circles in Zimbabwe who have been overwhelmed by the phenomenal support that has poured in for Roy Bennett since his abduction last Friday.

Roy is a remarkable man who has never wavered in his commitment to the fight for rights and democracy in Zimbabwe. I have known Roy since the war against the repressive regime began in 2000 and I remember well his first visit to my home when we introduced him to a core group of grassroots activists. This African son of the soil's charismatic and dynamic personality inspire all around him.

We all felt elevated to heroic status that day and we are proud to part of the ranks that he courageously leads.

Roy, his wife Heather and their two children have experienced total loss at the hands of the thugs who have abused this nation. The Bennett family has lost their land, their unborn child, their home and their security. Yet, despite this Roy has never given up, which most of us would have done by now. His fortitude and strength of conviction places him up there with the true heroes of our country, indeed he is a global hero and a man who will one day grace Africa's history books as a man who helped turn this blighted continent into a better place.

There are multitudes of individuals and groups around the world who need to be thanked for their commitment to the truggle in Zimbabwe, many of whom are not Zimbabweans themselves, yet they have given up their time, money, energy and strength to join a crusade for truth and decency. Let us not be fooled that the only reason is because he is a white man in Africa, that is a Zanu lie, for Roy represents every Zimbabwean regardless of colour or creed.

Now is the time to ensure this battle is not forgotten and that the Zimbabwe tragedy is not relegated to the back burner of
international concern despite the seemingly endless and often hopeless struggle. We here on the frontline cannot afford to give
up and we need to let all our friends out there know that it is your voices which have helped to keep us going when the nights were long and dark - from bloggers to politicians, cyber activists to front line fighters, we thank you for your energy.

The light is glimmering at the end of the tunnel and we need to support all forces of democracy to ensure a future for our African children.

Thanks for all you do. Please visit my blog and Twitter for more updates on Roy, I will be posting them as I receive them from Zim. And thanks again to David Shuster at MSNBC (@shuster1600), who will continue to report on Roy's capture and detention until he is released.

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