03/10/2008 07:13 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

1,627 is the Magic Number

Write it down. Post it on your desk or nightstand or computer. Spread the word.

While 2,025 is the number we more commonly hear from the media, here's something you should know: when a candidate hits 1,627 they have officially won the majority of pledged (i.e. democratically earned) delegates.

And Barack Obama is projected to hit that number on May 20th.

The math is simple. There are 4,048 delegates total. 796 of those are superdelegates. 3,252 are pledged based on the actual results of primaries and caucuses. 50% of 3,252 is 1,626 + 1 is 1,627.

Once Barack Obama passes 1,627 America has made its decision. He will have won the majority of earned delegates.

I refuse to believe the Democratic Party will blatantly override the will of the people once their decision is clear. So all you cult-ish hopemongerers, mark it down, tell your friends (and for the love of man, someone tell the mainstream media): 1,627 is the magic number.

And if you live in Kentucky or Oregon you will likely have the distinct honor of solidifying Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America.


Alright, math isn't my strong point. I've updated 51% to 50% + 1. Regardless, 1,626 = Majority of earned delegates. Anything after that is gravy.