03/21/2008 07:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Letter to America

Dear America,

Every day I watch the "news" on TV. Everything's breaking, spinning, screaming. The talkers talk and talk in endless circles, in calloused clichés, in hollow, manufactured, regurgitated rhetoric. But they don't talk for me or you.

They reduce race to entertainment, war to sport, politics to reality TV. Day after day they stare at themselves in their meta-mirror; they think they can shape the narrative of our lives.

America, we are witnessing a giant circus, a spectacle. Our journalists are lackeys, our pundits clowns. They told us war was necessary, inevitable, noble, then costly, tragic, devastating, then necessary, inevitable, and noble again. When will it end? When will we make the show stop? When will soldiers be human beings instead of pawns and statistics?

America, it's not just Fox News. Faux news has spread like a devastating disease. The talkers talk about appearance, not reality. Infotainment rules the airwaves. Hannity, O'Reilly, Greta, Buchanan, Tucker, Matthews, Blitzer, Cooper, King: these are game show hosts. The truth-tellers are few and far between. The status quo is noise and distraction.

America, do we see this? Do we see through this? Do we know that Barack Obama is not his pastor, that his pastor is not Obama, but that both are complex human beings? Do we know that Jeremiah Wright said and did more than the 30-second loop shown endlessly on our networks? Do we know that a picture of someone wearing a turban while visiting Africa does not mean they are a terrorist? Do we know that patriotism is more than a flag pin? Do we know we don't have to vote out of fear?

America, I can feel you struggling, resisting. I can feel you changing. Some of you are timid and scared, but gradually you are moving. I see your faces in crowds, in lines, in rallies. I see the hope in your eyes.

America, it's okay. Don't listen to them.

America, think what we could do together. Young and old, male and female, black, white, Hispanic, Asian. Millions of voices calling for change.

America, don't let them call it a fairy tale. Don't let them reduce you to robots. They are the cult; they drink the Kool-aid.

Their cynicism corrodes, their propaganda pollutes.

Our story is much better. We are the movement. We work together; we talk; we know what can be done.

America, I believe the best stories will prevail.

America, did you know we can create the narrative?

America, the world is watching, waiting, listening.

It's our turn to speak.