12/07/2007 10:43 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ohio Special Election: Honest Leadership Matters

Honest leadership matters. As you may know, there is a special election in Ohio on December 11th to decide who will represent a large portion of this key swing state in Congress. We have the opportunity to make sure that an honest and respectable community leader, Robin Weirauch, holds this seat--and ensure that the Republican Party doesn't have another vote to take away our rights, prolong a failed war and promote their agenda in Iran. Robin will hold Republican's accountable for engaging in personal attacks that endanger our national security and our reputation in the world.

Republicans know that this seat is in jeopardy, and they will stop at nothing to win. They are attacking our candidate, Robin Weirauch, distorting her stand on the issues and trying to distract voters from the war, job loss and the need for a real national security policy. I know what it is like to be attacked. In 2003, when I spoke out against the war in Iraq, I never imagined the White House would take revenge against me by compromising the national security of the country, not to mention the safety of my family by outing my wife's identity as a covert CIA officer. Unfortunately, Bob Latta and his Republican friends in Washington, DC are up to their old tricks. We have an obligation to oppose tactics like these and speak out for change.

In just four days, voters in Ohio cast their votes. But this election impacts all of us. Ohio is a key state in the 2008 presidential election. Helping Robin now will give our nominee another ally in a battleground state that could determine who controls the White House. I am supporting Robin because I know that she will stand up to the administration and speak out about the need for a new diplomatic agenda in our nation's capitol.

With your help, we can make sure that the Republicans in Washington continue to be held accountable for their actions. Robin will be an honest leader who will demand that our country and our Congress never again compromise national security for political or personal gain.

Help Robin by making a contribution to fund her GOTV efforts in the final days of this campaign. It matters to all of us!