Glenn Beck calls me a 'Virus,' but is he the real 'Parasite?"

03/30/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck didn't bother to even have any guests on his program Monday because he was too busy calling progressives "parasites" and "a virus" and making insane connections that only he understands. That's typical eliminationist rhetoric.

Instead of trying to win an argument on an intellectual basis---he wants to completely wipe out liberals and progressives from the face of the earth. Glenn believes that since he uses a blackboard with chalk and incoherently erases a letter off of one word to form new words that will make it all comprehensible.

Beck's been working himself up into a frothy, psycho-frenzied lather about destroying all progressives as he promotes Jonah Goldberg's dishonest book and thesis about fascism, which he uses for his own demented documentary. And apparently I should be eliminated too.

Wow, all because I was not happy with Lynne Woolsey for hosting a fundraiser for CA-36's very own Blue Dog, Jane Harman, and wrote a few posts about it calling for her to stop.

Beck: The traditional democratic party is going up against the radical fringe left.
I've been telling you that there's a difference between democrats and progressives from the beginning now but nobody wants to listen. Here it is. There are Blue Dog democrats but they are not Socialists, Marxists radicals. They are more like your grandfather's democrat. Most Democrats still love America, they love the founders and they love the constitution and believe in this country. But then there's another group and they have infiltrated not just the Democratic party, but the republican party...

Speak softly and carry a big stick. (blah, blah, blah)...We got this from an insider. Wait until you hear this story. The co-chair of the CPC...

How many times have I said they are like a virus feeding on the host of republic.

The progressives are parasites inside the democrat....The California progressives weren't the only ones upset. John Amato of Crooksandliars wrote on Huffington Post.

" but for Woolsey to be holding fundraising events for a known Blue Dog should be a firing offense for the CPC."

Progressives Democrats for America joined in, They started an online petition asking her to withdraw from the event. Woolsey said no. I don't know how this story ends quite frankly it's California and it's all going to end in a mudslide right into the bottom of the ocean eventually anyway, but let me tell you something. The last time the progressives were in this position and they started gobbling power and they exposed themselves people caught on and hated them.

FDR was one of the highest rated presidents in the history of this nation and he was a progressive. That threatens Beck, so he warns that people like me are destroying the Democratic Party. Of course, you know he loves the Democratic Party as much as he loves eating sandpaper. He opines that progressives have been hiding for years and years in the wilderness and suddenly snuck up on him. We've been right here in front of his face for years, but I guess the right can use another conspiracy theory.

I'd challenge him to a debate on his show, but you know he'd be too cowardly to accept. (Hint: I know the secret to his crying eyes) He'd rather rant and rave to his sheep than speak about truth and justice and apple pie.

Beck is the Teabagger King after all and he's just trying to purge all moderate Republicans from the GOP, as if they were a disease, and replace them with arch-conservative haters. And while he's at it, suddenly he wants to do the same for Democrats.

Of course, Glenn has nothing but our own best interests at heart. Riiiiiiiight.

I may not like conservatives or conservatism, but I'm not advocating their deaths. I did get a bump in my death threats so I guess his viewers are listening to him.

UPDATE: After watching this again and adding a little transcript, isn't it nice for Beck to hope that California gets hit with an earthquake that destroys the state and we end up as fish food. What a guy, that Beck. He not only is hoping for progressives to be eliminated, but the entire state of California as well.

When the teapartiers repudiate this jackass, I'll be polite to them. Until then, I have to assume they agree that I am a "parasite" and a "virus" and I'm just not inclined to excuse it or be politically "pragmatic" and seek an obviously impossible common ground. I'll leave that to the Village which, I'm afraid, is far too willing to validate the spirit, if not the letter, of what Beck is saying as well.
Update: And then there's this.

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