11/30/2005 04:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

John Belushi's Widow: Bob Woodward was no Hero!

Poor Booby can't catch a break. He is quickly becoming a laughing stock. Maybe Arianna has it right. Will there be "dumb Bob" jokes popping up from now on?


"Judy Belushi Pisano encouraged all of his pals to talk to Woodward, who, like John, had grown up in Wheaton, Ill. She now tells us: "Woodward was the wrong guy [to write that book]. I was foolish." So she and Tanner Colby have assembled "Belushi: A Biography," a just-published collection of affectionate memories of John — and unaffectionate ones of Woodward.

"It was my first experience of getting tricked by a journalist," says Belushi's "Continental Divide" co-star Blair Brown. "I really felt betrayed, and it made me question all of his other work."

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