Tina Brown Needs a Lesson in Blogger Ethics

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

Dear Tina,
I couldn't help notice your satirical defense of Bob Woodward in the Washington Post yesterday while you viciously attacked bloggers.

You said:

"I believe Woodward when he says he didn't think the leak he heard about Valerie Plame's job was important at the time."--"He hoarded the info for some larger reportorial purpose because that's what Big Beasts do- But navigating the porous demands of living as a Human Brand instead of a human being gets more complex every day."

One of my readers said that we should hide your Thesaurus, but I think you do actually have a massive vocabulary.

When you said this, I knew I had to lend a helping hand.

Of course it's all the bloggers fault: "Mainstream Media are trapped in the pincer assaults of the fact-free ethical anarchy of the blogosphere...."

I see that you are now posting on the Huffington Post. I assume you know that it is considered a blog? Therefore- you are part of the fact-free ethically challenged crowd too. Bloggers, specifically Jane Hamsher, broke the news that Viveca Novak leaked information to Karl Rove's lawyer that made him change his testimony. Didn't Lawrence O'Donnell, post on the Huffington Post that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source which started the firestorm over the Valerie Plame investigation in the first place? I was the first person to have been leaked Bill Keller's infamous internal memo that pounded Judy Miller over her entanglement with Scooter Libby. How did I come to print that memo? I fact checked. I called three sources including Arianna Huffington, to verify that it was real even though the memo was burning a hole in my motherboard just waiting for me to push the "enter" key. I understand most of us don't belong to the Andrea Mitchell/Bob Novak/Bob Woodward crowd that you consider so reputable, but you could at least practice the first "rule of thumb" that a reporter has if you are going to condemn bloggers. It's called research. I hope that I've helped you out a little bit and if you need some more advice, I would really like to help. Please drop me an email anytime..

Now back to you regularly scheduled paid in full White House propaganda fresh off the presses in Iraq.

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