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Can you leverage world change?

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What would change if those who were the experts in their field took a week out of their time to teach and inspire a handful of people?

Seth Godin this next week will be taking 12 individuals through a week of leverage also known as a Nano MBA. Inspired by his Six Month Alternative MBA program he conducted a year ago, he wanted to see what could transpire in a one week long program. Over 1000 people applied, and through two eliminations, 12 individuals from different businesses and non-profits were chosen to go through the week with him and his Head of Hoopla Ishita Gupta.

Since the program was announced there have been a few people that have suggested other similar programs around the country. One that I am aware of was suggested by a author and professor Leonard Sweet. His suggestion was a Nano DivMin.

We all have busy lives. Schedules are full and deadlines loom. Those that are changing the world often don't have time or resources to go back to school to further their education or sharpen their acumen. What we do have in the US is an incredibly deep bench of skilled professionals. No matter what field you pick, there are those that are gifted with wisdom and experience.

When Mr. Godin first announced this program I was having lunch with a skilled business coach. I could tell he was inspired by Seth's undertaking. I asked him if he would consider doing one himself? He honestly replied that he could not take a week away from clients to pull it off.

Can we afford not to though? We need our innovators, our big thinkers and experts in business, medicine, arts and every other sector of our society to take it upon themselves and change things. A nano-program is a great way to start. Can we afford to leave it up to our institutions to do it for us?