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30 Things That Are Obama's Fault

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1. The decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

2. Bacteria.

3. The Spanish Inquisition.

4. The failure of Tom Cruise's marriage.

5. The sinking of The Titanic.

6. Original Sin.

7. Death.

8. Custer's Last Stand.

9. Everything that happened during George W. Bush's Administration.

10. Everything that happened during the Adolf Hitler Administration.

11. Leprosy.

12. The San Francisco Earthquake.

13. The break-up of The Beatles.

14. The crash of The Hindenburg.

15. Bedbugs.

16. The Boston Massacre.

17. The extinction of the dinosaurs.

18. The Vietnam War

19. Lower back pain.

20. Erectile Dysfunction.

21. Mitt Romney's Swiss bank account.

22. Herpes.

23. The destruction of Pompeii.

24. Smallpox

25. All car accidents.

26. The stock market crash of 1929.

27. The Lincoln Assassination.

28. Humidity.

29. Snooki.

30. The fact that July Fourth fell on a Wednesday this year.