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John Connell
John Connell is an education expert and strategist with wide
experience across all the key sectors and at all levels in education, and
is founder of the ‘I Am Learner’ international education consultancy.

In 2001, John initiated and then led for 6 years the world-class Scottish
Schools Digital Network project, now known as Glow. This is Scotland’s
national connected schools programme, digitally linking all of Scotland's 3,000 schools, and comprising a national broadband network, national content delivery network and a national web-based learning platform.

For 6 years, he was an education business strategist for Cisco,
working at the highest levels across Emerging Markets (Latin America,
Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS). He advised
governments, universities and other bodies on the incredible potential
of 21st century education and networked learning.

He has spoken at many important events and conferences across
the world about the conjunction of education and technology. He is
also a well-known voice in the world of ed-tech blogging (see: http://

Follow John on Twitter at @JohnGConnell.

Blog Entries by John Connell

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