91 Members Tell Karl Rove to Explain His Role or Resign

07/15/2005 04:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today, I released a letter to the President asking that he demand Rove either explain his role in the outing of Valerie Plame or that he resign. Signed by ninety-one Members of the United States Congress, this letter is the most comprehensive effort by House Democrats to highlight our concerns about the White House stonewall and the growing scandal.

It is increasingly clear that we must learn not only what Rove told the press, but what the President knew about the actions of his closest political advisor and when he knew it. Whether or not this investigation results in criminal charges, this White House is running short on credibility and ought to come clean with the American people.

As a matter of national defense, we must immediately determine the extent to which Rove violated the terms of the non-disclosure agreement he signed when he received his security clearance. I am joined by thirteen Democratic Members of the Judiciary Committee in asking Chairman Sensenbrenner for hearings on the matter. I have also co-sponsored a Resolution of Inquiry offered by Rush Holt (D-NJ), requesting that the Bush Administration release any and all documents concerning the outing of Ms. Plame, and joined Barney Frank (D-MA) in authorizing the Library of Congress to research historical and legal precedent for the impeachment of White House staffers. If the executive branch chooses to ignore the imperatives of national security, perhaps the Congress can offer a little accountability.

Next weekend, eight other members will join me in holding a series of town hall meetings to commemorate the third anniversary of the Downing Street Minutes. We are beginning to see the pieces fit together, and I believe these hearings will help to illustrate how Rove-gate fits into the larger narrative of the Iraq war deception.