05/10/2005 04:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Creating Justifications to Go to War

A week ago, a blockbuster story broke in the London Times, which appeared to confirm that the United States and Great Britain had agreed in secret to attack Iraq in the Summer of 2002, well before the invasion, and before Bush even asked Congress for the authority to invade. In other words, this was the "smoking gun" for what many of us feared and suspected all along -- Bush was willing to mislead the American people and manufacture rationales to justify invading Iraq -- both after and before the War. The Blair government did not dispute the article, and a former Bush Administration employee described it as "an absolutely accurate description of what transpired."

After reading this article and the leaked memo, I immediately crafted a letter to the president asking him to respond, and asked all of my House Colleagues -- both Democrats and Republicans -- to join me in signing the letter. So far, 88 Members, but not a single Republican, have joined me in putting truth to power. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has been slow to pick up on this important story.

My own blog includes much additional information on the topic, including an audio of my discussion with Stephanie Miller on Progessive Talk Radio on the subject. It has been covered on the Web by independent sites such as Daily Kos, Raw Story, Brad Blog , Salon, Scoop Independent News, Progressive Democrats of America, and Atrios. Finally, on Thursday, the mainstream media, in the form of Knight Ridder, picked up on the disclosure and my letter. I need your help to encourage others in the media, be they tv, cable, newspapers, and radio to cover this momentous matter.

There is nothing more important than being frank with the American people about going to war -- so this goes to the core of our democratic values.