08/17/2005 03:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Join Me in Writing 1,000 Letters to Local Papers Supporting Cindy

Clearly, Cindy Sheehan has struck a nerve in this country, and her willingness to speak truth to power resonates as a model of courage and dedication to us all. One way I believe all of us can help her cause -- even those who cannot travel to Crawford, Texas -- is by writing our local papers to support her and her efforts to meet with the president.

I have written a letter to my local newspaper, and set up a form on my web site that will allow readers to submit their own words simultaneously to all the papers in their region. I will be able to keep track of the number of letters submitted through the site, and have set an initial goal of 1,000 letters and/or guest editorials.

I have also transformed the home page of my website,, into a Crawford Action Center to assist in writing letters, and generally in organizing support and donations for Cindy. It is an online resource where you can easily find the latest information about events in Crawford through news reports, pictures, video, audio, and talking points.

I believe it is crucial that all of our local newspapers hear from us and know that support for Cindy is widespread, particularly given the smear campaign the right wing is waging against her. While Cindy has the nation's attention, we need to buttress her press coverage with personal stories from others who share her grief and outrage at the Administration's conduct in getting us into this war.