04/18/2008 08:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Watch the Zany New ABC Laff-Fest, Distracting America , with Hillary Clinton and Charlie Gibson -- Featuring Redd Foxx as The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Introducing "Little Georgie" Stephanopoulos as Joe McCarthy

It's zany hi-jinks a-plenty when a desperate, ambition-crazed politician (Hillary Clinton, playing herself) suddenly finds her power-base crumbling. Forced to team up with her doddering Republican opponent , John McCain (played by the corpse of Ted Knight), to plot against an upstart black candidate named Barack Obama (Blair Underwood), Hillary decides to stage a mock TV "debate", in which she will magically turn her fortunes around.

See, in time-honored Lucille Ball fashion, Hillary's told a big lie about Bosnia, and in a classic Luci-and-Desi moment she confesses it all to her chubby, sad-sack hubby Bill (John Goodman), who slaps his own forehead in utter frustration, muttering his soon-to-be-national-catch-phrase, "Darn it, Hill-llary!"

In the pilot episode, things go terribly wrong at the outset of the debate--Hillary has a blankout-Lucy moment, forgets her well-rehearsed speech completely, and can only remember a single line from an older script--she keeps repeating "that's change you can Xerox! (exclamation point; hold for laughter)" complete with stage directions. (Cue more forehead-slapping from Bill.)

But just when everything seems totally lost, the whacky Reverend Wright character who lives next door (Redd Foxx) wanders on to the set of the TV debate, along with an ex-Weatherman named Billy Ayers (Steven Weber). This way-out comic duo draws all the attention away from Hillary's wooden-Indian performance when the debate moderators, goofy Charley Gibson ( himself) and Joe McCarthy wanna-be Little George Stephanopoulos (who else would want to play him?) become completely distracted by a mysterious missing flag-pin, ratcheting up the comic tension, until...

the whacky shenanigans of Little George, Toothy Charley, Reverend Wright and Billy Ayers be enough to turn everything around for Lucy/Hillary? Or is this the end for our plucky, adorable heroine? Wolf Blitzer says: "This is the comedy hit of the season--no matter what your definition of "is" is!" Tune in Tuesday night to see how it all turns out!

You'll be downright bitter if you don't!

("Distracting America" is another Out-Of-Touch Production of The American Corporate Media.)