12/16/2011 03:08 pm ET | Updated May 11, 2013

DVDs Worth Owning - and Giving - for Christmas

I just know many of you out there are scrambling to catch up on your holiday gift giving. This article's for you.

You'd think with all the talk of streaming that DVDs would be quickly going the way of the Edsel. But not so fast, my friends.

Speaking as someone who owns a sizable DVD library (I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how many titles), I still see significant value in these shiny little discs.

Beyond the practical issue that many movies are still not available to stream (or even if they are, they don't look as good and are prone to glitches), there is something to be said for owning the movies you really love.

Personally, I enjoy wandering over to the DVD shelves and just scanning my library... Sometimes I see something I totally forgot I had, and out it comes for a viewing,

You'll lend the special DVDs you own to your friends, and they'll love you for it. You'll find you resort to them when nothing else is on, and you don't feel like hassling with on-demand.

And of course, they're easy to store and relatively cheap to buy- these days, often less than the cost of a movie ticket.

The industry has made a business out of grouping films by star or genre, and what bugs me is that in too many cases, they'll throw in a dog with several other great titles. I don't buy these "sets" on principle, since I believe each movie in them should stand on its own.

Anyway, you don't need to go the prepackaged route. Using, it's easy to put together customized sets of outstanding, evergreen DVDs based on the particular tastes of those on your shopping list.

In that spirit, I've put together just a few suggested combinations, spanning old and new releases, which I hope will inspire you as we close in on the holidays.

Happy shopping!

By Star and Director

By Genre

Contemporary Comedies: Sideways, Juno, Superbad

Contemporary Drama: In The Bedroom, Doubt, Frozen River

Contemporary War Pictures: Platoon, The Thin Red Line, The Hurt Locker

By Country

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