02/15/2012 03:59 pm ET | Updated Apr 16, 2012

Fix the Fundamentals

February, 2012. The Congress and state legislature are back to work. Congressional and state political leaders have set their agendas. Candidates are adopting their slogans and bylines in preparation for November.

And for another year, these present and future elected officials delay work on the fundamental problems facing the country and our state. The frustration of the people is overwhelming. Conflict, debt, and lack of opportunity are overwhelming too many of our citizens and undermining the future of our state and country.

The fundamental national problems; war, debt, and rights. The fundamental Colorado problem; intra-constitutional conflicts.

The Congress must exercise its duty to declare war. The Congress must balance the budget. The Congress and the states must elevate the natural rights of its people above those of all juristic "citizens."

We cannot effectively reform the defense establishment, form good energy policy and show global leadership in the use of resources until we return to the constitutional process for going to war. What are we willing to fight for?

The people must decide. We must adopt the Simpson-Bowles recommendations and balance the budget. Finally, the counterfeit logic that has led to the diminution of individual rights is a mockery of originalism and an affront to the principle of natural rights. There will be no fair and just elections, legislation, regulation, treaties or declarations as long as the people are forced by the courts to share basic human rights with organizations.

The Colorado legislature must call for a constitutional convention. We will never be able to efficiently and properly invest in our intellectual, quality of life and hard infrastructure until the internal conflicts of the state constitution are resolved.

You want a strong economy, jobs, great schools, clean and cheap energy, affordable health care, a strong and efficient military and opportunity for your kids? Tell your elected officials and candidates to lose the slogans and have the guts to fix the fundamentals.