RuPaul's Drag Race 4 : Alisa Summers

02/02/2012 10:28 am ET | Updated Apr 03, 2012

This stunning beauty queen reigns supreme as queen bee of one of Tampa's hottest clubs, The Honey Pot.
Miss Summers, 23, boasts no one can clock her drag -- her T&A would make a biological woman blush. Unfortunately "realness" was not enough to keep her in the competition and she became the first contestant instructed by Queen of queens, RuPaul to "Sashay, away."


JG: What is most charismatic about Alisa Summers?

AS: Alisa is all about having a good time. She wants you to have a good time and be entertained. She is a sweet person and will always lend a helping hand.

JG: What makes you unique in this competition?

AS: I feel that I have a fresh energy and attitude that I bring to the table. I am a show girl and live for being on stage. I feel that Drag Race is the next step!

JG: Can you tell us about an instance where your "nerve" saved the day?

AS: My nerve is always saving the day. I am constantly around small dramas and issues. My nerve is usually the part of me that is ready to step up an calm the situation down.

JG: If you couldn't light up a stage you wouldn't be a contestant so tell us ... any hidden talents?

AS: I am great with choreography and group routines. They're my absolute favorite. Check out some of my pageant talents ... you'll see!

JG: My partner and I met you after a performance at the Honey Pot during a visit to Ybor City. You were a doll and we loved the vibe of Ybor. What makes the Tampa gay scene like no other?

AS: In Tampa, the Gaybor district is really thriving. Since it was put in place, Ybor has become a cleaner, safer place to party. We have lots of gay clubs, gay businesses and restaurants. The scene here is absolutely amazing and continues to grow each week. I suggest everyone make it out to Gaybor, it's quite an experience.

JG: During your final lip-synch you gave a lot of face and body while your opponent (Jiggly Caliente) busted out the dance moves. Do you think you gave your all at that moment?

AS: While I was on that stage, I felt like I was giving it to the judges. I do know that it's a TV show and editing can make you look any which way, but I do feel like the best portions of my lip sync were not portrayed.

JG: What would you say to the millions of queens out there wishing they were in your pumps as a Drag Race contestant?

AS: Keep auditioning! This show is only going to get bigger and better and there is room for everyone! Don't give up!

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