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John Knefel

Blog Entries by John Knefel

New York Times To Sociopaths: Give It Another Shot

Posted September 30, 2009 | 20:01:13 (EST)

Oh for the love of God. Did you look at the New York Times' Op-Ed section on Wednesday?! I know I've been writing about that dumping ground a lot lately, but the editors published an article today that -- if America does escalate the conflict with Iran -- will...

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Has Iran Already Nuked Us!?

Posted September 29, 2009 | 19:16:28 (EST)

Friday morning's newspaper headlines sure were exciting, weren't they?!?!?!?!

The New York Times' headline screamed:

Iran Is Warned Over Nuclear 'Deception'

The Washington Post cried:

Iran Admits Second Nuclear Enrichment Site

Oh no! Drudge took the predictably sober approach and whispered:

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The False Premise That Obama Wants A Public Option

Posted September 15, 2009 | 17:20:39 (EST)

This sentence, and this sentence alone, tells you what was the goal and end result of Obama's speech to Congress. The NY Times is reporting:

"The day after the nationally televised address, in which Mr. Obama signaled that he could accept an alternative to a government-run insurance plan, influential...
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Predictions for Barack Obama's Health Care Speech

Posted September 9, 2009 | 12:21:17 (EST)

On Wednesday evening, Barack Obama will address the nation on the topic of health care reform, one of his signature issues during the campaign. Whatever else may be true of the final bill that comes out of the House and the Senate, we can be sure that it will leave...

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New York Times Challenging Itself to Get Worse at Being a Newspaper

Posted September 3, 2009 | 02:03:40 (EST)

The New York Times recently published another horrible piece on the health care debate. The article makes virtually no factual claims, and the few that it does make are demonstrably incorrect, or at best deliberately misleading. The headline is "Conservative Democrats Expect a Health Deal," but it's not...

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Barack Obama's Disturbing Pattern of Condescension Towards the Left

Posted August 27, 2009 | 11:55:02 (EST)

Both Paul Krugman and Glenn Greenwald wrote fantastic columns last week describing the growing mistrust that progressives are displaying towards Obama, but I think that there is a crucial element of the Obama administration that has yet to be highlighted--namely, his unsettling willingness to mock and trivialize those...

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Memories of the RNC, 2004

Posted August 29, 2008 | 19:38:28 (EST)

Underlying yesterday's events was wide concern over a possible terrorist attack -- premonitions of a catastrophe aimed at disrupting the Republican convention, the national elections and the American psyche three years after Sept. 11. Such fears were expected to be the subtext of events throughout the convention, which runs...
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Upcoming McCain Gaffes About "Czechoslovakia"

Posted July 16, 2008 | 11:14:20 (EST)

For the second time in two days, presidential candidate and current affairs guru John McCain has referenced "Czechoslovakia" in a contemporary context. That country hasn't existed by that name for 15 years. Here are some of our predictions for how this historical place will keep popping up in...

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Fox News: Baby Mama Drama

Posted June 12, 2008 | 12:53:41 (EST)

Yesterday afternoon the Fox News Channel intelligently referred to Michelle Obama as Barack Obama's "baby mama." Now, I'm sure some on the left are going to get all up in arms about the use of this sexist, racially-insensitive term, but I see it as a positive step in...

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