You Are the Blessings

05/02/2009 10:48 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The following excerpt is taken from the book, You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us. The book contains Light-filled reflections -- from a couple of lines to a page or two, poetic messages, prayers, blessings and meditations, all addressing a range of life's experiences and opportunities from Abundance to Worship. Included with the book is a companion CD of blessings and meditations recorded in live seminars and classes around the world.

I am inviting you to open yourself up to this truth of your being: You Are The Blessings. The blessings, the opportunity for greater good, are always present in you, others, and the world around you. All that is needed is to bring your awareness to that truth, follow, and choose as best you can.

You can always begin by asking for more awareness of the blessings in what is present. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, God declares with each progressive day of creation, "It was good" (Genesis 1). There is a divine authority placed within each of us to claim the blessings through our trust and faith in the intrinsic good in everything. Even if you do not recognize that divine presence right now, it is present. The blessings are available here and now. Each of us can partake and share in them. It may simply be a matter of catching up by doing your part to manifest greater good in some way. You can always start by looking for the good that is present and realizing your gratitude. You can look for even greater good by asking, "How can I assist? How can I make things better inwardly and outwardly?"

Even when we do our part, there is a point at which we let go. We realize that, regardless of the outcome, we did what we could do at the time. We let go of thoughts that things should have been different, and we let God reveal the good in what is present. It is important to recognize and acknowledge the divine source and find value in what we experience.

It is your destiny to be blessed. As John-Roger has said, "Man is to have joy and to have it more abundantly." It is God's will. So claim the blessings and know that you are worthy to be blessed. Be involved. Be engaged in your upliftment and growth. Are there challenges? Absolutely, but the challenges are giving you opportunities to learn and gain.

Remember, you always have a choice. You can experience life as something on the order of a curse and as being against you, or you can consider life as continuous blessings. When we relate to everything in our lives as blessings, we are choosing to love, accept, and cooperate, to be patient and know our strength more fully and completely. When a situation seems particularly challenging, ask inside, "How is this situation, as it is, already a blessing for me? What can I do to allow more blessings to come forward?" Even though the blessings are already present, there are always greater blessings yet to become fully manifest. There is always greater good present that is yet to be discovered and manifested in yourself and in the world. By moving your conscious focus towards the blessings, you are blessed even more.

What if God's blessings pour forth to such a degree that we cannot contain them, that our cup overflows? Consider that the blessings are pouring forth all the time. In our limitations, we may not recognize the blessings; we may not understand or comprehend. Remember, too, that as we claim the blessings, we will be given what we can handle and as much as we can handle. So be prepared to find out how you may limit the blessings and how you also have choices that release and diminish those limitations.

As you attune to the blessings, be aware of what takes place inside of you. When we experience disturbance or pain, we often are being shown places where we have closed ourselves off through some form of denial or judgment. The loving energy that is there for us as a blessing is then closed off and restricted, so we may feel hurt or disturbance. Consider that when something hurts or presents disturbance, it asks and perhaps even requires that the unmanifest blessings be released. Your awareness and focus are keys to releasing the blessings.

The greater reality is that everything is a blessing. When we truly understand, we see the truth, we comprehend, and we relate to everything as a blessing. Even the most challenging situations, the most difficult and the most painful, are all blessings.

So call forward greater blessings, because you can and because, as a creator, choosing the blessings is freely presented as a continuous choosing. Have the wit to choose the blessing rather than deny or negatively respond. Always call to God as the source, and choose the blessings in all ways--not necessarily in words, but in your attitude and way of being.

Welcome your life completely. Greet it as a long-lost friend or, even better, as your best friend. Even if that seems strange to you or your situation appears as something against you, embrace and love it all. Trust and have faith in the goodness in all things. Welcome the blessings of who you are, and remember to give your heartfelt thanks, a prayer of praise and faith in God's blessing upon all things.

John Morton is the author of the inspiring books, The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings. Learn more about John at You can contact John at