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John Podesta
John Podesta is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for American Progress. Podesta served as Chief of Staff to President William J. Clinton from October 1998 until January 2001, where he was responsible for directing, managing, and overseeing all policy development, daily operations, Congressional relations, and staff activities of the White House. He coordinated the work of cabinet agencies with a particular emphasis on the development of federal budget and tax policy, and served in the President’s Cabinet and as a Principal on the National Security Council. A frequent guest of Sunday morning news programs, Podesta is known for his straight talk, acerbic wit, and fierce defense of the Clinton Administration – which he also served from 1997 to 1998 as both an Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff. Earlier, from January 1993 to 1995, he was Assistant to the President, Staff Secretary and a senior policy adviser on government information, privacy, telecommunications security and regulatory policy.

Podesta is currently a Visiting Professor of Law on the faculty of the Georgetown University Law Center, a position he also held from January 1995 to 1997. He has taught courses on technology policy, congressional investigations, legislation, copyright and public interest law. Podesta is considered one of Washington's leading experts in technology policy, and has written a book, several articles and lectured extensively in these areas.

Podesta has held a number of positions on Capitol Hill including: Counselor to Democratic Leader Senator Thomas A. Daschle (1995-1996); Chief Counsel for the Senate Agriculture Committee (1987-1988); Chief Minority Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Subcommittees on Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks; Security and Terrorism; and Regulatory Reform; and Counsel on the Majority Staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee (1979-1981). In addition, in 1988, Podesta founded with his brother Tony, Podesta Associates, Inc., a Washington, D.C. government relations and public affairs firm.

A Chicago native, Podesta worked as a trial attorney in the Department of Justice's Honors Program in the Land and Natural Resources Division (1976-1977), and as a Special Assistant to the Director of ACTION, the federal volunteer agency, (1978-1979). He has served as a member of the Council of the Administrative Conference of the United States, and the United States Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy.

Podesta is a 1976 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, and a 1971 graduate of Knox College.

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The 99 percent movement has given voice to a sentiment that is felt around the kitchen tables as much as it is reflected in most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau: Wealth is concentrating in the top one percent, while the middle-class is eroding and the ranks of the...

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Building Blocks Toward Global Climate Action

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As international climate change negotiators confer in Cancún over the next ten days, a sweeping new global agreement won't be on the table. The groundwork has not been laid for that. Instead they may start to pivot toward a new strategy of gradualism, and that would be a step in...

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On The Ground in Rwanda

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Today was an emotional moment for me and for the rest of our delegation. There is so much pain in Rwanda's past, and out of that pain has come a society that is committed to reconciliation. They are trying to move forward together. This was one of the most...

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Kick The Oil Habit

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One year after President Bush promised that new legislation would "take pressure off price for American consumers," our country finds itself in an energy crisis. Gas prices have risen 67 cents and hover around record levels. Crude oil prices are nearing $80 a barrel. BP announced

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