And Hillary Used to Bake Cookies for the Politburo.

12/14/2006 02:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama is a Marxist Leftist hellbent on selling out America to the one and a half commie states still active in the world!

Well, at least according to Tom DeLay.

Yeah. That Tom DeLay. The guy whose ethics issues were yet one more straw that helped break the elephant's back.

The fact that DeLay - under indictment, boss to a couple of Abramoff-scandal convicts, bounced from Congress by his own party - feels he's in a position do to any name calling is surreal with a Salvador Dali exponent. Yeah, I believe a guy's innocent until proven guilty. But I also believe a suspected man's interim time would be better spend on rehabbing his image than attacking that of another.

But, as I've never been under indictment, what do I know?

So, at some far right-wing rally that stopped just short of whipping out sheets and burning crosses, DeLay did a McCarthy; went with some old school red baiting and accused Obama of being a closeted Marxist. A hypocritical liberal in disguise. There are even indicators, according to DeLay, that Obama is personally responsible for such crimes against humanity as global warming and Rosie O'Donnell back on television.

Now, this is all some high voltage rhetoric. But DeLay can get away with slinging it because A) nobody really cares what he's got to say anymore (his slurs are now two days old, but I'm guessing this is the first most of you have heard of them). And B) he's making these statements to a bunch of like-minded bloggers who, same as most non-edited journalists in the information age, are high on hyperbole, light on fact checking.

Among that ilk, that DeLay offers up zero evidence to support his vitriol won't be nearly as viraled as the remarks themselves.

In fact DeLay, like some little kid who's done some schoolyard taunting then has to run and hide behind mommy's skirt, leaves it to some chick named Amanda Carpenter - whose vast lack of credits include being an assistant editor on some far-right pamphlet I've never even heard - to recount in exacting detail all of the many and varied hypocritical stances Barack Obama.

She's got five of them.

And brother are they are devious.

Like: Obama believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, yet wouldn't support a Constitutional ban on gay marriage because it's an effort to demonize people for political advantage, and should be resisted.

And: Obama believes America should, ultimately, be color-blind. Still, he is interested in pushing a strong minority perspective.

Wow. Yeah. Well, looks like Obama's gonna be suiting up in Khakis and taking over for Castro when the old guy finally kicks it.

The fact that someone can be against gay marriage, but doesn't see the sense of interjecting hate mongering into the Constitution, or that he might wish for a color blind America, but short of that believes in advancing racial perspectives is lost on Carpenter and, by association, DeLay.

And that DeLay would imply that minorities voicing their perspectives is tantamount to Marxism should have the Republicans, who desperately need to grab some minority votes in 08, out doing some Michael Richards-style mea culpas over this. Following so closely to the Harold Ford race baiting, the Republicans are making it real hard to justify my support of candidates right of center who fall under the Republican banner.

We can expect much more nonsense out of DeLay.


He's got a website now.

More Joy.

And he gleefully reports that he's got some 100 people to pay the $52 per year to join the Grassroots Action and Information Network.

Fifty-two hundred bucks.

Long way from those Abramoff salad days, huh, Tom?