The Left Fringe Needs to Quit Being Scared of the Fox

07/31/2007 05:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So I was going through my favorite news, information, pop culture websites this past weekend when I came across an interesting post. It was put up by your typical anonymous responder #54 (okay, truth be told he was the first responder on the thread, but I'm pretty sure Guido was not the cat's true name) who blasted Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis) for appearing on Fox News Sunday as being "this week's FOX Democrat. Shame on him."

Put a hex on Feingold for showing up on Fox news?

Okay, disclosure: I'm from Wisconsin, and cast my last presidential vote there. Except for McCarthy and Dahmer I like all things Badger State.

That said, I saw Feingold on FNS. He acquitted himself excellently.


Chris Wallace asked questions that could be considered only somewhat vast rightwing conspiracy slanted, if at all. But there was certainly nothing from so far left...well, right field that Feingold couldn't handle it. Why, then, "shame on him" for NOT being afraid to take it to the "other guy's" house and state his case? For me the shame oughta be on guys like Guido; the left leaners who want to flay Democrats for having the meat to stand in the Foxlight.

Obviously, Fox News makes its bank in extreme opinion. I've already registered my disgust with John Gibson who is NOT a racist. He's just an old white guy who thinks white people oughta maintain their white dominance by having lots of white babies. But does Fox opine any less than Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews over at MSNBC (another disclosure, I co host Morning Joe on the network, though I hope by now that's not actually a disclosure for anyone anymore)?

The far left fringe feasting on their own is, of course, hardly a new phenomenon. There are nearly half a dozen pejoratives reserved for any liberal who would dare to be a guest of "the enemy." Quite ironic when you consider that House Speaker Nancy had no fear of slapping on a do-rag and having a siddown with actual "enemy" Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (as have Republicans), and in light of the current Obama/Clinton dust up over Obama's remarks that he would go "toe to toe with the leaders of rogue nations."

And why not? if Nixon could stare down China, if Reagan could do the same to the Soviets, why should the Dems cower before aggressors?

They shouldn't.

And why should elements of the far left slam Dems who have no fear of li'l ole Fox News?

They should not.

And yet they do, and do so to the detriment of their own party. For the Dems to participate in the circus-like YouTube debate, only to run from the Fox News/Congressional Black Caucus debate is seriously weak. More so when you consider the exodus was largely driven by far left leaning websites.

If the far left wanna monitor and watch and hound the Fox, please by all means. Though I wish they would do the same for the New York Times, which has bumbled through substantially more scandalous reporting in the last ten years. But for Pete's sake, leave fearless Wisconsinites like Feingold alone. Dems like him are at least trying to dig up the mantle of tough guys (and gals) the party misplaced somewhere between the eras of Humphrey and Carter.

They should not allow the "cry on their Sunday dress" bunch to trip 'em up.