11/06/2007 12:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Writers' Strike Diary

c The atmosphere was described as a "par-tay," with writers and actors mingling. A friend playfully wondered why the writers were so happy to see "stars." "They work with celebrities everyday, and now they're excited?"

Chalk it up to solidarity.

Over at Sunset Gower studios things were decidedly more tragic with one picketer being struck by a car. Apparently the individual is okay, but not a good way to start the writers' strike.

On to the facts:

Maybe the most significant issue other than the actual resolution to the work stoppage: Strike Rule #8, or the Script Validation Program.

I called the writers guild to get clarification on the SVP. I was told the rule was fully explained on the writers guild's web page. I checked out the page. It was not fully explained in that it laid out no legal precedent for compelling writers to hand over scripts, nor did it explain how the guild would indemnify writers against law suits from production companies for turning over material they own to third parties.

I called the writers guild again, and was told a guild lawyer would contact me.

I was not contacted (as of yet).

I called an entertainment lawyer and was told the VSP was inducement to breech contract and was illegal.

Until I hear from a writers guild lawyer I'm doing nothing.

However, the VSP and the lack of specific instructions from the guild is already drawing attention.

My first day on the picket lines will be tomorrow (today as you read this). I'll let you know how it goes.

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