01/18/2010 01:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

All eyes on tomorrow's Massachusetts Special Election

Tommorow all poilitical eyes will be on the US Senate race in Masschusetts where State Attorney General Martha Coakley and State Senator Scott Brown are battling for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat.

Today, the anniversary of Martin Luther King's birthday, his son MLK, III joined Boston based gun violence prevention and community activists in a get out the vote effort and message that; a vote for Scott Brown will be a vote against many of the issues that his father fought so hard for when he was alive.

Although Scott Brown likes to pretend he's a moderate, his voting record clearly shows his true colors. On Massachusetts common sense gun regulations and innovative law enforcement initiatives, which have been a model for the nation and have resulted in dramatic reductions in gun violence, Brown has been a leading opponent. He has an A Rating from the NRA and an A+ Rating from Gun Owner's Action League (GOAL), the NRA's Massachusetts' affiliate.

As a State Representative in 2002, Brown voted on Legislation (HB 5102) that would restore handgun permits for convicted violent criminals and he has continually opposed the MA statewide ban on military style assault weapons. Further, like the NRA, Brown opposes mandatory criminal background checks for all gun sales, even for convicted felons and people on suspected terrorist watch lists.

Martha Coakley may not be the warmest or most passionate candidiate but as a public official she's been consistant in her support for law enforcement, public safety and Massachusetts leadership on gun laws and first in the nation consumer protection standards for firearms. Coakley has helped make Massachusetts the State with the second lowest fiream fatality rate in the Country, behind only Hawaii. Coakley's positions and sensibilities are truly moderate and much more in line with the late Senator Kennedy's and Massachusetts voters.

Conversely Scott Brown has continually tried to mislead voters about his voting record and right wing agenda. In many ways Scott Brown is Sarah Palin in a suit. He looks attractive to many but his positions are completely out of step with mainsteam voters in Massachusetts and across the Country.

A vote for Scott Brown will be a vote for the NRA and the right wing of the Republican Party. Anyone in Massachusetts concerned about gun violence, public safety and support for law enforcement should vote against Scott Brown in tomorrow's Special Election.