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Checking In From The Set Of My New Movie Doonby

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I'm writing my first blog for the Huffington Post from the set of my next film, Doonby. I'm shooting it here near Austin, Texas and I forgot how hot it can be in Texas. Just sent a runner out for extra strong antiperspirant to keep from staining every T-Shirt!

Doonby is a film that's been described by the producers as Crazy Heart-meets-It's A Wonderful Life, but I call it It's A Wonderful Life without the Wonderful.

Seriously though, it's a mystery/suspense/thriller and I'm really proud to be a part of it along with my co-stars Robert Davi (remember him from Die Hard?), Jenn Gotzon and the rest. I'll be blogging and maybe even vlogging from time to time from the set so stay tuned.