07/19/2007 02:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Bush Republicans"

George W. Bush's presidency has been a disaster, marked by one fiasco after another: the Iraq war; Katrina; K-Street; etc. But why argue the point any longer? Die-hard or delusional apologists will try to qualify, cloud, dodge, muddle, and spin the record. Progressives need not respond to the particulars.

Instead, we should start referring to Bush supporters in blanket fashion, finding a single apt label for all of them at once. The theocrats, the plutocrats, the neo-cons, the libertarians, the wing nuts, the homophobes -- all of the branches of that 28% base of support -- should be lumped and branded together. I propose that they should be known as "Bush Republicans," plain and simple. We should start using the phrase "Bush Republican" as an obviously derogatory term, sneering it into circulation until it becomes taken for granted that a respectable person would not want to be such. It replaces "Reagan Republican," along with all of the supposedly warm and fuzzy associations conjured up by that anachronism.

Bush Republicans are those who, for a variety of reasons and motives, have remained stubbornly loyal to the man even in full view of this administration's incompetence, cronyism, corruption, and lawlessness. They are, however, merely following cues from their leader. In much the same way that George W. Bush in his earlier years ran Arbusto Oil, Spectrum 7, and Harken Energy into the ground, he is now adamantly insisting on following his instincts for failure again, all the way downward to the bitter end. This time, though, he is leading the entire United States into bankruptcy, literally and figuratively. His lemming-like followers apparently admire that undauntable confidence, while they ignore the cliff ahead.

History will not be kind to George W. Bush, and his supporters should also go down in infamy. This is not simply a petty partisan jibe, a clever rhetorical counterpunch. The situation we face is dire, and real. The Iraq war has weakened the United States in every sense possible. Our prestige throughout the world has plummeted. Our constitutional fabric has been rent asunder. For the first time in decades, concerned citizens need be afraid for the very future of the Republic.

Bush Republicans, therefore, should be identified, stigmatized, and discredited. We should name some names, in order to call the entire group into question. The following list of key Bush Republicans is by no means definitive or exhaustive. Please add to the list. I think you'll agree that a toxic stench hangs over this miasma of enablers, operatives, rogues, scoundrels, and criminals. After all, the Worst U.S. President Ever didn't do it all by his lonesome.

Bush Republicans:

Jack Abramoff
Elliot Abrams
David Addington
Joe Allbaugh
Claude Allen
John Ashcroft
Brant Bassett
Michael Battle
Conrad Black
John Bolton
L. Paul Bremer
Michael Brown
Andrew Card
Bill Ceverha
Michael Chertoff
John Colyandro
Philip Cooney
Duke Cunningham
Tom DeLay
George Deutsch
Lurita Doan
James Dobson
Brian Doyle
Darleen Druyun
Jim Ellis
John Ellis
Michael Elston
Douglas Feith
Frank Figueroa
Timothy Flanigan
Kyle Foggo
Mark Foley
Sam Fox
Larry Franklin
Bill Frist
Maggie Gallagher
Jeff Gannon
Michael Gerson
Alberto Gonzales
Monica Goodling
Porter Goss
J. Steven Griles
Stephen Hadley
Ted Haggard
Karen Hughes
Bernard Kerik
Eric Keroack
Zalmay Khalilzad
Bill Kristol
Kenneth Lay
Michael Ledeen
Lewis Libby
Garrett Lott
Mary Matalin
Charles McGee
Michael McManus
Harriet Miers
Manuel Miranda
Robert Ney
Thomas Noe
John O'Neill
Meghan O'Sullivan
Richard Perle
Susan Ralston
Allen Raymond
Ralph Reed
Janet Rehnquist
Condoleezza Rice
Warren RoBold
James Roche
Karl Rove
Donald Rumsfeld
David Safavian
Kyle Sampson
Michael Scanlon
Thomas Scully
Abram Shulsky
Jeffrey Skilling
Nick Smith
Tony Snow
Margaret Spellings
Roger Stillwell
Sara Taylor
Randall Tobias
Brett Tolman
James Tobin
Carl Truscott
David Vitter
Mitchell Wade
Brent Wilkes
Jim Wilkinson
Armstrong Williams
Paul Wolfowitz
John Yoo