06/12/2006 01:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Interactive: Submit Your Slogan Here!

The Democrats need our help. They sure do. Today members of the Democratic caucus are meeting in a closed-door session in Washington to discuss a new catchphrase for the 2006 elections. Reportedly, they are trying to decide between "Together, We Can Do Better" and "America, We Can Do Better."

Folks, together the readers of HuffPost can do better.

The "We can do better" phrase sounds so wimpy. It seems to be saying: "We basically accept Republican goals, it's just that we're more competent to implement them." Lacking a distinctive vision or platform, apparently worried about saying something that might offend, the Beltway Braintrust might as well put it: "Democrats: We're better implementers."

Using this HuffPost forum's wide-ranging deliberative possibilities, let's conduct a collective brainstorming session, as an alternative to the insular Washington crowd. I say that the HuffPost readership will provide a larger and probably more creative focus group than whatever Greenburg Quinlan Rosner Research will be assembling for Mike McCurry and company. Maybe they'll listen to us. Or someone will.

So put on your thinking caps and submit a slogan to this site. The HuffPost On-line Tag-line Workshop is now in session. A new slogan surely needs to be catchy and should cut through the muck. It needs some zing and zest. Some bite and edge. Preferably will, at the same time, indicate some guts, spine, integrity and conviction. Pithy, but implying some substance.

I invite you to contribute and/or vote for your favorite. The "We Can Do Better" people are practically begging for help.