11/10/2006 11:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Thank You, Arianna!!!!!

Before the post-election euphoria dissipates, I want to state what might seem obvious to those of us familiar with the Huffingtonpost but needs to be said nonetheless: Arianna Huffington deserves a great deal of credit for helping change the recent course of American politics. She is nothing less than a national treasure.

I just watched the clip of Arianna on Keith Olbermann's show, where she graciously credits Jack Murtha for turning the corner in the Democrats' win. All true, and additional kudos can be extended to and shared with many other persons and organizations.

But the appearance of the Huffingtonpost in the blogosphere also introduced a distinctive and dynamic new factor into the national equation. Arianna brought together a collection of voices that served at least as a counterweight to the talk radio bloviatosphere and as a credible alternative to the mainstream news media.

She led the way with her own perspicacious analyses and spot-on commentaries. Speaking uncanny truth to power, she inspired the rest of us and gave us a platform. What brilliant timeliness: to insist upon fearlessness in an age of fear mongering!

In my humble view, we owe her much gratitude. (As but an episodic and bit player at Huffpost, I'm not too worried that my public appreciation will be construed as sycophantic or self-congratulatory. I've learned on this site: Sometimes you gotta say what you gotta say.) Thanks Arianna!