01/03/2011 12:16 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Right Now Is 2012, The Year We've Been Waiting For

My literary agent Bill Gladstone just stopped by unexpectedly, way out here in the rainy wilds of Kauai country, to tell me that he's now certain that 2012 is happening two years earlier than traditionally interpreted by the Mayan calendar. All I could do was agree with gusto. This is it. I can't imagine a more intense, uplifting sense of destiny than seems to pervade this present moment as the 2010 solstice moves over our world... can you?

The rebirth of our inner connection with the Source seems imminent, if not already happening.

Like Krishnamurti kept saying to us over the years, a radical revolution is required in order for the human species to survive and finally harmoniously prosper -- and that revolution must be a psychological revolution, where each of us assumes full responsibility for how we manage our own hearts and minds, right now.

There's little doubt for most of us that 2011 might be the most remarkable and expansive year we've ever known. I'm hitting 65 and feeling like this is the second, more mature round of awakening that hit us in 1968 or thereabouts -- it's a whole new world opening up, for all of us. And why?

Because each new moment, each of us is deciding what each moment of this new year will feel like -- contracted, fearful, tense and dark, or expansive, loving, relaxed and bright. Our choice.

As a reasonably radical psychologist, there's one thing I've come to understand clearly: Where we focus our attention determines the experience that comes to us, And, by extension, how we impact the world.

We can focus on the negative and fearful and generate more of the same, or we can regularly choose to shift our attention in more rewarding, insightful, expansive directions and bring more light and love into 2011.

Our choice. And our choice will rock the world...

In this spirit, I've just picked up my guitar for the first time in far too long and written a short 2011 ditty that feels also like it could also be our secular mantra: "I choose to enjoy this moment, and I choose to enjoy this day. I choose to enjoy my whole sweet life -- hello, come what may!"

Let's set a New Year's resolution to live more in the eternal here and now, to spontaneously choose courage and integrity as our modus operandi -- and to hold firm, unfaltering faith in human love, inspired vision and wise, responsible, joyous actions.

Enjoy the music and friendly folk on the video: