11/24/2010 03:17 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Tapping the Ultimate Gift on Thanksgiving

Especially during the Thanksgiving holidays, the realization that we can indeed receive inner guidance from our deeper source of creation helps us to feel true, deep, ultimate thankfulness. When we open up and let ourselves receive the inflow of love and insight, joy and abundance that comes to us from our inner Source of being, our natural response is that of thankfulness.

Most of us consider ourselves spiritual deep-down, and believe in the presence of a God or Universal Presence or whatever other name we might use for the infinite power and intelligence that created this universe we live in. Just by being born on this planet, we are endowed with the universal human ability to turn our focus of attention inward, open our hearts, and receive nurturing, guidance and love from our Source.

  • And what do we do in return for receiving the inner sustenance that guides and empowers us in life? Hopefully we choose to trust our inner voice and guidance, and move into action to express our positive inner realizations through our participation in the outside world.

We respond by allowing the inner gifts we receive to flow out into the world as our gift to others. This seems to me to be the real Thanksgiving spirit.

Transcending The TG Blues

Why are so many hearts caught in negative, depressive, anxious feelings on Thanksgiving? Perhaps because they are simply not open to receive the spiritual inflow of love, insight, power and vision that flows effortlessly into us when we choose to 'open to receive.' We do have the power to close our hearts and minds to Spirit, to deny our deeper connection with God by whatever name, and to try and run our lives solely by our egos.

  • But here's the rub: without regularly plugging into our Source for guidance and empowerment, our egos tend to end up feeling the opposite of good and happy.

What's the solution?

As I see this, we must actively manage our minds so that we regularly pause, quiet our ego thoughts, put aside memories and projections ... and tune into our deeper sustaining spiritual presence.

This Thanksgiving, if you find yourself slipping into sadness, depression or another of the painful negative emotions that lurk on holidays, see what happens if you take just three minutes to take charge of where you're focusing your attention ... and focus actively in positive inner directions that connect you with your own source of thankfulness, joyfulness, and open-hearted participation in the present moment.

See what happens right now if you take just a few moments to tune into your breathing ... let your mind become more and more quiet ... say to yourself:

"I choose to focus enjoyably inward to my breathing..."

"I let go of all the stress and worries and regrets, and give myself permission to feel good."

"I open my heart to receive love, insight and pleasure from my inner Source of being."

"I accept everyone I know, just as they are ... and love myself, just as I am."

More Online Guidance

May these four potent focus phrases fill your heart and mind this holiday, and hold your focus in love and thankfulness as you share your inner light with those around you!

John Selby

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