Three Top Secrets for Manifesting the Perfect Business Dream

11/09/2010 11:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Everyone in the business world holds a vision in their head of what they want to achieve, in order to feel successful and fulfilled. Psychologically, why do certain people manage to manifest their business vision, while many others don't?

Pragmatically the answer seems to lie not so much in how you manage your external business affairs, but how you manage your own mind.

Secret 1: People who focus their power of attention habitually in negative fear-based directions tend to manifest what they're fixated on -- failure. People who consciously over and over each day return their focus to their positive vision, tend to advance toward expressing that vision.

Stop Imagining That You're Creating Your World

But hold on -- as far too many people felt after experiencing the "manifestation" book and movie The Secret, just trying to be positive all the time, and believing that you're able to manipulate reality to fit your dream, doesn't do the trick. Over 20 million people bought The Secret, only to discover that something wasn't quite right when they learned the secret.

A new documentary on successful people worldwide called Tapping The Source (premiering Friday November 12 at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles) interviewed over a hundred prominent people who seem to have achieved not only business and professional success, but a deeper sense of emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

Creative Participation in the Emerging Moment

As the film step by step reveals, the underlying approach of these people to manifesting their dream was not to imagine that they're effortlessly creating the world around them in their desired image. Instead, the clear message of Bill Gladstone, Richard Greninger and Gayle Newhouse, producers of Tapping The Source, is that:

Secret 2: Business success and deeper happiness emerge as a result of participating fully and with clear vision in the ever-emerging present moment, rather than thinking that you're selfishly manipulating the world around you.

This observation has serious relevance in the everyday business world, where so many managers and executives carry the belief that they are in fact manipulating the world to their personal advantage. The deeper psychological message of Tapping The Source is that we're all participating in this emerging present moment together -- and if we do so consciously and harmoniously, we become a powerful reality-based team working together toward a greater shared vision.

From Business Manipulation to Genuine Success

Tapping The Source leaves viewers reflecting on this core psychological choice (or habit) of either trying to manipulate one's way to success, or being a creative participant in the larger whole of one's business situation.

Honest observation and clear logic dictate that we are indeed participants in a larger business whole. But we must regularly pause and expand our awareness to include the greater whole, in order to harmonize with it, and play ball.

Secret 3: Awareness is key to success -- and those who learn how to regularly pause and expand their awareness and tune in with the greater whole, will succeed at higher levels than those who aren't consciously tuned into that greater whole.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders might benefit considerably by seeing this documentary - and then reflecting on and discussing this core 'manipulation versus participation' theme.