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John Shore

John Shore


The Smith Family Chronicles 6: 'I'm Tired of the Hypocrisy!' (VIDEO)

Posted: 04/ 5/11 08:36 AM ET

If you're just joining "The Smith Family Chronicles," in this, the sixth episode of the series, we meet Paul, the son of conservative evangelical Bob Smith. (We first met Bob in The Smith Family Chronicles 1: Jane Smith Comes Out To Her Evangelical Father; imagine our surprise to learn, along with Bob in SFC 4, "Hello, I Am Your Son," that Bob has another son he never knew about, a Muslim named Hussein.)

With Paul in this episode is Susan. Susan is the wife of Dan, the Smith Family pastor. The building above the parking lot in which Paul and Susan are talking is a hotel.

This series is produced via the online tools available at The Facebook fan page for "The Smith Family Chronicles" is here.


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