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John Shore

John Shore


The Smith Family Chronicles 5: Betty's Soliloquy

Posted: 03/27/11 09:28 PM ET

In The Smith Family Chronicles 1: Jane Smith Comes Out To Her Evangelical Father, Betty's husband Bob kicked their daughter Jane out of their house. In The Smith Family Chronicles 2: "Is It Really God's Will That I Live Alone?", we saw that might not be the complete end of Jane's life.)

In The Smith Family Chronicles 3: "You Will Not Take My Daughter From Me!" Betty shared with her husband how she felt about his reaction to Jane's coming out (which compelled Bob to make a bold, if seriously erroneous assertion). In The Smith Family Chronicles 4: "Hello. I Am Your Son.", ... well, you'll just have to watch that one.

And now Betty spends some alone time.

You can read a transcript of Betty's soliloquy on John's blog post, "What Betty Said."
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