04/27/2011 11:15 am ET | Updated Jun 27, 2011

The Smith Family Chronicles 8: Bob's Dream

"Bob's Dream" is the final episode of The Smith Family Chronicles. You can watch the seven previous episodes on my HuffPost author page.

You can read about why I did this series in my post, "Oh, the Secrets We Keep, the Lies We Tell."

You can read about why I stopped doing them in my post, 500 "Smith Family Chronicles" FB Fans by Episode 8, or Adios, Series.

You can read what's in store for the Smith Family on my post, "The Smith Family Chronicles 8: Bob's Dream" (And a Novel Idea!).

You're invited (still!) to join/"like" the SFC Facebook page.

I am now writing a novel, The Smith Family Chronicles, based on the characters of this series. It will begin where the narrative of the Xtranormal videos leaves off.